Why Ontario, Oregon and Nicaragua? What is the connection, and why the name “Four Rivers?”

The name Four Rivers was inspired by the four rivers of the Treasure Valley--the Snake, Malheur, Owyhee, and Payette rivers. The name also represents the lifeline that rivers provide to communities and peoples around the world, connecting us.

FRHC began after Jody Stark, FNP, travelled to Nicaragua for the first time to do disaster relief work following the devastating Hurricane Mitch. After her time there, she returned with more than a great experience--she came back with friendships, lessons learned, and a promise to herself. Knowing there were great needs at home in the Treasure Valley, she knew she could not invest time and energy into helping people in Nicaragua if she did not first invest herself into helping her own community. Jody promised herself that she would work as hard to empower and help people in the Treasure Valley as she would to empower and help those she met and loved in Nicaragua.  Soon after she returned from Nicaragua, she set-up a free clinic that ran every Wednesday night from her office.

Four Rivers Health Care would not be here without its numerous volunteers and generous community members. FRHC exists today because of the compassion and generosity of those involved. FRHC is run completely by volunteers--several of whom are or had been patients of the free clinic.

Four Rivers Health Care envisions a collaborative enterprise that exists to enhance the community and all who are involved, from those who give to those who receive.

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