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In an effort to create a community-based system of services that creates a welcoming environment, we will address the priority areas in collaboration with community members and organizations. Here is a brief overview.

  1. Legal information/advice, services and representation for immigrants and refugees will be navigated by staff with interpreters to ensure the best resource is found whether that be locally or regionally.

  2. Welcome Center staff will be knowledgeable and skilled in outreach and education about policies, programs services and preparedness. Staff will have positive and collaborative relationships with local organizations, including education, public safety, human services, etc.

  3. Information collection, policy tracking and analysis will be a joint responsibility of the Steering Committee and staff. The Welcome Center will be a resource for those interested in assisting Newcomers by providing up to date information regarding current policy and information from the national to the local level. 

  4. Basic human needs for immigrants and refugees will be provided directly on-site at the Welcome Center or through referrals.  Staff will understand the importance of follow through and accountability for staff and volunteers.

  5. Outreach and advocacy will be a function of both staff and Steering Committee.  Staff will go to where people are as well as having regular hours at the facility. Coordinated services between these entities will ensure broader outreach and more effective delivery of services.


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